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Matt Agorist

July 4, 2014


A couple from Barnesville, Minnesota are under investigation for cultivating and selling marijuana after their 9-year-old daughter turned them in to police.

According to court documents filed at the end of June in Clay County District Court, the girl went to the Barnesville police station June 6. She approached an officer and told him her parents were growing marijuana plants almost as tall as the girl, hidden in the crawlspace under their house.

The girl told police that her parents smoked marijuana daily and had people over to buy it.

The parents are now facing charges of child endangerment and drug distribution.

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According to Twin Cities News, during the police raid on their home, the parents reportedly admitted they both use marijuana.

The mother told investigators that she uses it to help alleviate her symptoms of multiple sclerosis and that the couple dealt the drug to help make ends meet financially.

This entire scenario is disturbing to say the least. A 9-year-old girl has apparently been conditioned to the extent that she found solace in relying on the state instead of her own parents.

Obviously if there was abuse going on or neglect, then she was just a brave little girl breaking free from her horrible parents. However, if she turned her parents in for simply growing and selling marijuana, society is closer to Orwell's 1984 than we think.

Had her parents been decent 'Murican flag waiving drunks, who stayed plopped in front of FOXSNBCNN 24 hours a day, who let their daughter eat Cheesey puffs and watch cartoon network all day, while developing type 2 diabetes, we'd have likely never heard anything about this family. But noooo, they were evil marijuana users!!

The public school system reinforces the notion that the police state is your friend and if anyone goes against it, despite not causing harm to anyone else, they are your enemy.

The collective destruction to humanity that is historically carried out in the name of state worship is unparalleled.

Luckily for this 9-year-old she hasn't been thrown in some abusive foster care situation yet. Her parents and Child Protection Services have agreed to let the girl stay with relatives, which is where she is now.