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Independent researcher Evan Booth began working to answer a very simple question and founded Terminal Cornucopia.

The question? According to the website,

Can common items sold in airports after the security screening be used to build lethal weapons?

As it turns out, even a marginally “MacGyver-esque” attacker can breeze through terminal gift shops, restaurants, magazine stands and duty-free shops to find everything needed to wage war on an airplane. Just how easy is it to build these weapons? The bulk of Evan’s research, Terminal Cornucopia, has been released publicly for you to see for yourself.

The rules for Booth's project?

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  • Only materials that can be sourced inside the terminal after the security screening can be used.
  • Only cash and a small, travel-approved multitool can be carried into the terminal.
  • Anything in the airport you’d get yelled at for taking or messing with is off limits.

Below is a video showing the results of this project. This video should shed light on the facade of "security" that TSA claims it provides. I'm sure after seeing this video, the TSA will ban every item listed in it.