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Chicago, Illinois - 23 people were arrested in riots this week, after the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup Finals. Rioters destroyed vehicles, smashed windows and attacked police with little retaliation.

According to the Washington Post, a young child was badly injured in the chaos, and was taken to the hospital when an ambulance could finally make its way through the crowds.

One rioter can even be seen in a photo strangling a police officer, attempting to prevent him from arresting another man who had climbed a traffic light.

News Affairs Officer John Mirabelli told FOX that the crowds were "mostly peaceful" but arguably took part in more property damage than many of the police brutality protests that have taken place all year.

When a crowd riots for some political or philosophical purpose, or to speak out about injustice, there is an immediate media circus in which the people who are participating in the riots are attacked, while the reason for their anger is swept under the rug.

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However, when people riot for no reason, like when their favorite sports team wins or loses, the media pays very little attention to these outbursts. If the media does pay any mention to sports riots, they downplay the violence and property damage and describe it as "rowdy" teenagers "acting out" or "celebrating."

The mainstream media has been designed to silence dissent and prop up the existing cultural institutions that continue to finance and regulate them. Many commentators have pointed to racial bias as a possible motivating factor for the lack of media coverage that these riots received, and while that may play a role, the main bias that the media and mainstream society carries is a bias towards the existing power structure, which transcends race, culture and even class.

It seems that the only people who actually got arrested were those who insulted the police:

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