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There is a theme among certain parts of society that take nationalism to the extreme. To 'keep us safe' some will say, we must build a wall around the United States to 'keep out them foreigners!'

Unfortunately, the state has criminalized the act of human movement across this planet. What was once referred to as 'moving' is now 'immigration' and humans fear and judge other humans based on the random geographical region from which they were born.

People allow imaginary lines drawn on a map to define others and themselves which stokes divide and often times leads to war.

"They're taking our jobs!" or "They are a danger to society" are common themes among those who fear other humans from different geographical regions. Meanwhile, the reality is that the overwhelming majority of 'immigrants' into this country are merely trying to escape the oppression of their own governments.

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Of course, when the state gets involved, through the taxation of its citizens, financial incentives are created for other humans to seek residence in this particular geographical region.

As they argue over how to spend other people's money, politicians talk of 'immigrants' as if they're a swarm of rodents raiding the grain elevators; all the while they ignore the handouts which drive the desire to seek refuge in the United States. What's more, this dehumanization then spreads into the populace and fear and hate become the laws of the land.

Many times, these rants are made by people who have very little knowledge about the history of America and ignore the fact that this country was founded by immigrants. American exceptionalism often trumps intellect and ignorance runs rampant in the ostensible Land of the Free.

When these humans come to this geographical region known as the United States 'legally,' they are required to pass a citizenship test. The irony is that many of those who call for building a giant wall around the United States are unable to pass it themselves.

Below is an abridged version of the very test required for citizenship. Can you pass it?