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Everywhere, USA -- In a comprehensive new study conducted by 3 world-renowned think tanks, the United States has fallen on the human freedom index from 17th to 20th place, out of 152 countries in which data was analyzed. While the conclusions of this study may not be shocking to anyone who has been paying attention. The implications of the US falling into a dystopian state are far reaching.

 "The performance of the United States is particularly important, because of its importance in the world and the fact that so many people in the world traditionally look to the US as one of the bastions of liberty," said Ian Vasquez, director for the Cato Institute's Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity and lead author on the report.

For decades, we have seen personal liberties being stripped away in favor of government 'protections.' People for many years looked toward the government to shield them from a diverse array of social and economic problems. Due to this, the US now ranks 31st in personal freedom according to the report.

Government solutions tend to create more problems than they solve. The war on drugs alone has cost over $1 trillion to date and has led to the US having the highest incarceration rate in the world. Despite this ridiculous police state, drug use remains consistent, while drug enforcement policies continually lead to corruption, unnecessary violence, and death. Data from the report also suggests that economic regulations, that in most cases are influenced by special interests, are actually hurting the majority of Americans.

"It has created a system that helps larger institutions benefit and increases the costs for smaller institutions," Vasquez said.

Increased government use of Eminent Domain for oil and natural gas pipelines is an example of these policies and is cited as a violation of individual property rights as well.

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According to the report:

"Countries in the top quartile of freedom enjoy a significantly higher per capita income ($30,006) than those in other quartiles; the per capita income in the least-free quartile is $2,615. The HFI finds a strong correlation between human freedom and democracy"

This news is just another story in a long string of incursions on freedom in this country. In February of this year, Reporters Without Borders ranked the US 49th out of 180 countries on their World Press Freedom Index according to CNN.

Here is a list of the 19 countries ranked ahead of the US on the Human Freedom Index:

  1. Hong Kong
  2. Switzerland
  3. Finland
  4. Denmark
  5. New Zealand
  6. Canada
  7. Australia
  8. Ireland
  9. United Kingdom
  10. Sweden
  11. Norway
  12. Austria
  13. Germany
  14. Iceland
  15. Netherlands
  16. Malta
  17. Luxembourg
  18. Chile
  19. Mauritius

It's time to face facts America. You are no longer 'The Land Of The Free.'

Johnny Liberty is a researcher and investigative journalist. You can follow him on twitter @LibertyUnltd