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Last month, Donald Trump showed Americans that he has one goal in mind — a goal that has been shared by all of his predecessors and his ostensible enemy, Hillary Clinton — and a goal he vehemently opposed until he was elected. Endless, brutal, futile, and, of course, profitable—war.

Just like Obama, Trump ran on a platform of ending the war in Afghanistan and bringing the troops home. And, just like Obama, he lied.

Whether or not he is being controlled by deep state operatives forcing his hand into an Afghan surge or if he's doing it out of his own stupidity is irrelevant as the result will be the same — dead American soldiers, dead Afghan citizens, and more terrorism.

Trump knows this too.

Now, Trump is involving himself in a WWE wrestling match with North Korea — a media frenzy for all — but with consequences that could kill tens of millions of innocent people.

Just this week, Trump was officially welcomed into the neocon circle by the leader of the neocons himself, Bill Kristol. Instead of calling him a Jackass, like he's been doing since he was elected, Kristol said Trump has changed and went so far as to liken him to George W. Bush.

After Trump made his UN speech, promising more war and to annihilate the millions of citizens in North Korea if they should make one wrong move, Bill Kristol himself went on MSNBC to praise him for it.

Kristol said Trump “sounded a little like George W. Bush to me” and that “for all of Donald Trump’s America First talk and repudiation of the Bush-McCain-Romney foreign policy,” it came across as “more standard,” even with the “Trumpian aspects.”

Kristol openly admitted that yes, Trump ran on a non-interventionist policy of peace and actually criticized Bush and Obama for their senseless wars, but now he is just like Bush. But it gets worse.

As to why Trump now sounds like Bush, according to Kristol, it's because the deep state has officially attached their puppet strings.

“The people around Trump have gotten more of a grip on Trump, I think, in foreign policy, than I would have expected… This is a more normal speech by an American president than I might have thought three, four months ago,” said Kristol.

It's important to note that Bush and Hillary Clinton were nearly identical on policy. It is also important to remember that Kristol helped Hillary strategize on how to beat Trump and noted numerous times that he'd rather Hillary than Trump.

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That being said, James Kirchickm, a pundit, and fellow at Foreign Policy Initiative, a think tank directed by Kristol actually endorsed Hillary Clinton last year. This recent concession to Trump by the war hawks implies one thing—Trump is now a neocon and is just like Hillary.

In a recent article by world-renowned journalist, John Pilger, this Hillary/Trump similarity was laid out perfectly.

Pilger writes:

When Donald Trump addressed the United Nations on 19 September – a body established to spare humanity the “scourge of war” – he declared he was “ready, willing and able” to “totally destroy” North Korea and its 25 million people. His audience gasped, but Trump’s language was not unusual.

His rival for the presidency, Hillary Clinton, had boasted she was prepared to “totally obliterate” Iran, a nation of more than 80 million people. This is the American Way; only the euphemisms are missing now.

Trump has reneged on just about every promise he made to his supporters and, sadly, they seem to not care at all. Short of the myriad of symbolic executive orders, he made upon entering office, Trump is proving that he is intent on carrying out the exact same policy of his predecessors—just like Clinton would've done.

As TFTP pointed out last year, Hillary Clinton actually helped raise Trump into the spotlight. The month before the election, Wikileaks released a bombshell document showing strategies to align the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign by promoting Donald Trump. 

The Ron Paul Liberty report lays it out clearly. In a recent article, they pointed out six ways Trump is exactly like Hillary Clinton.

Hillary would have kept Obamacare, like Trump.

Hillary would have stayed in NATO and kept NAFTA, like Trump.

Hillary would have increased the debt, like Trump.

Hillary would (obviously) have been as militant as Trump.

Hillary would have favored The Fed manipulating interest rates lower than the market rate, like Trump.

Hillary would have toasted the "great, great potential" of the UN like Trump.

What is most important about all these points is that Trump ran on a platform against all of them. Now, he is selling war to his base who supported his non-interventionist policy. He's making love to the FED despite promising an audit. He cozying up to NATO, despite saying he'll leave it. And, every other promise he made to "Make American Great Again" has been hypocritically manipulated into keeping America the same again.

To show just how far Trump has gone off his original stance, he's since banned Brietbart—the outfit that arguably got him elected in the first place—from a press pool during a recent Trump rally.

As the Ron Paul Liberty Report so eloquently pointed out:

You know what real progress would look like?

Implementing the ideas of John Quincy Adams, who said that America"goes not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all."

Or how about George Washington, who said: "It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliance with any portion of the foreign world."

Thomas Jefferson called for "Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations-entangling alliances with none."

Are these just names that go on monuments now?

Just tourist attractions?

Threatening the existence of 25 million people is not progress.

​It's pathetic.