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April 5th, 2014

Christina Gardicic was innocently walking down the street when Sgt Joel Mann, felt it necessary to violently shove her over a park bench.

Speaking for the first time, Gardicic said that the incident took place so fast that she had no idea what happened.

She told ABC News: 'We were just walking on a sidewalk and the next thing I know I was just on a bench, my feet were up in the air.

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'What happened to me, I consider excessive force. I had no idea I was doing anything wrong. If I was, and he physically shoved me and I fell, I could have been really hurt.'

In case you missed it, here is the raw video of this vulgar display of police violence caught on film.

Tough guy, Joel Mann was with 50 of his buddies dressed in full riot gear, complete with tyrant baton, helmet and face shield when he perceived a tiny 100 pound college girl to be such a danger that he took her out.

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Immediately after, he just walked away, witnesses say. No arrests were made, no citations handed out, not even an explanation.

Photographer Andrew Brown tweeted the photograph of the SWAT-looking police officer in the photograph here, with a message explaining that he had snapped a photo of the cop who had pushed the woman.


Mann has yet to face any disciplinary action by the department and it is unclear whether or not he ever will.

According to KGUN, the department said they will thoroughly investigate the incident to determine the facts and circumstances surrounding the response to the entire incident by police.

About 50 officers were wearing body-worn cameras that evening, capturing more than 100 hours of video footage that still needs to be cataloged and fully reviewed, said Dugan.

Apparently the Tuscon PD does not have access to youtube.

Since this incident, Sergeant Mann has received several threats. For safety reasons, TPD has re-assigned him. Dugan says this is a precaution, and not indicative of any premature judgment on his actions.

Tucson Police is currently investigating the threats made toward Mann and will seek prosecution as appropriate, says Dugan.

Maybe next time, cops will think twice before releasing their pent up aggression on the innocent.