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"You are required by law to wear your seat belt! Pull your a$$ over!" -Cop Watcher

April 8, 2014

A civilian tries to call out the police on their "above the law" hypocrisy by attempting to pull over and cite an officer driving down the road without his seat belt on. The cop scoffs at the underling's attempts, but it is a valiant effort nonetheless.

The seat belt requirement is nothing short of another tax on driving and it should be completely up to the individual whether or not they would like to wear their seat belt. Yes seat belts save lives, but this does not grant the state the right to violate your person or property to mandate that you wear one.

That being said, if a "commoner" is "caught" without their seat belt on they will be pulled over and ticketed, a.k.a. extorted via threats of violence from the state.

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If the ticket is not paid, the commoner will be put in a cage. If the commoner resists being locked in a cage, that person will have violence enacted against them and can be killed. This is how the "legal" system functions in the United States.


As much as people would like to think otherwise, the entire system functions because of the state's monopoly on the use of force.

Unfortunately many people are unable to think outside of this dependency upon statist violence. In fact the top comment on the video is praising the police state, while telling those who support the man in the video to "stfu."


Because enforcing arbitrary laws to increase revenue for the state is akin to heroism, sure thing, Whoamiii111.

Bringing justice to the police is a difficult task. However, these types of videos, calling out the hypocrisy, are very powerful.

Last week we covered what happens when you talk to cops like they talk to you.  Holding up a mirror to the establishment may help to show the tyrants what they've become. It is indeed worth a try.