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Royal Oak, MI — A deeply disturbing video was shared with the Free Thought Project this week that raises the question of 'are we living in 2019 or 1819?' The video shows Royal Oak police officers stopping a 20-year-old black man for "looking suspiciously" at a white woman. Seriously.

The video was taken on Tuesday and shows Decon Myers surrounded by police, detained and forced to justify himself for allegedly looking a random white woman the wrong way. Luckily, Myers' friend Kimiko Adolph captured the entirely troubling scene on her phone.

“I went out with him because he was surrounded by all whites and alone,” she said, adding that police already had Myers on the sidewalk for 10 to 20 minutes prior, according to Heavy. She said when more officers arrived, and she learned why he was being held, she left the restaurant where she’d been eating to record.

“I’m not going to leave a brother out here,” Adolph said as the reason for filming.

As the video shows, Myers, 20, tells the responding supervisor that the woman called police saying, “There’s a guy staring at me. I’m threatened. I’m scared.”

The entire time, Myers proclaimed that he had done nothing wrong. However, he was stopped anyway because the irrational fear shown by the random woman over Myers "looking" at her was enough to justify a police response.

Naturally, Myers and Adolf questioned the entire premise for the stop. This apparently annoyed one of the responding officers.

"It’s not that big of a deal,” the officer said.

Adolph responded, “It’s a big deal when this happens consistently.”

When questioned further, the supervisor says, “So if someone calls about someone we’re not supposed to respond?”

“No, you are," Myers said, adding "But not the way you are…if you pull up and you see I’m not a threat to her, I’m not even close to her …”

The officer interrupts: “How do we know until we talk to her,” he asks.

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But even after they talked to her, Myers was still detained for a very long time.

“What makes it worse,” Myers tells the officer, is that if it had been a “white lady, (in his shoes) I’m pretty sure you would have just let her go eat.”

As the video shows, the manager of Inn Season Cafe, the restaurant in which Myers was walking to meet his girlfriend for lunch, actually comes out and defends Myers, telling police that Myers was no threat and that the response was inappropriate.

“She doesn’t even know me but she’s still out here standing with me,” Myers says of the woman.

The stop lasted more than 30 minutes as police interrogated the innocent man. Finally, however, he was let go.

Police even apologized for the stop and the Inn Season Cafe bought Myers lunch. But this doesn't make this action acceptable.

As Heavy reports, Myers’ girlfriend was sitting next to Adolph in the restaurant. “She was scared because she had no idea this was happening as he had dropped her off at the door and was waiting inside for him. Had no idea! It was scary because I have 3 black sons. It’s scary to think you can’t look at someone in passing,” she said. When recording, she said she heard police asking for “his info” and asking “Why was he over there… on and on. I felt he could have been arrested and did not know how young he was till I got there and asks and I was more upset.”

Adolph said she had seen the white woman who had called police: “She was in the restaurant sitting behind me with maybe her son. They paid and he left and she left the opposite way …obviously running into Devin who was coming towards the restaurant.”

Adolph said that people “never talked to her.”

“She stayed and drove off after he was free to go. I’m thinking probably waiting for something to happen so she could feel justified,” she said.

Indeed. When a person can feel justified in siccing the police on another person for allegedly looking at them, there is a problem. It appears that the summer of snitches continues.

Devin Myers Way to stay cool, calm and collected! Glad i was there. #SidewalkAnnie

Posted by Kimiko Adolph on Tuesday, August 13, 2019