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Nothing screams "bloated bureaucracy" louder than the Draconian laws requiring pet owners to "license" their pets. Make no mistake about it. Pets do not need licenses to be able to breathe and pet owners do not need licenses in order to care for animals. But in the police state, all dogs are supposed to be licensed. A recent

Watch: Edmonton Police Officer Detain's Women's Service Dog On Her Own Property

Watch: Edmonton Police Officer Detain's Women's Personal Support Dog On Her Own PropertyEdmonton, Alberta CanadaAn officer with Edmonton Police can be seen holding a dog by the collar claiming the dog was on the sidewalk and didn't have any tags.A woman comes out telling the officer to let go of the dog, the officer refuses and demands identification of the dog.The officer can be seen in the video telling the women to show identification for the dog or it's going to the pound.The officer also threatens the women with arrest for obstruction if she does not cooperate.At the end of the video, the women produce's identification showing the dog is, in fact, a personal support dog.

Posted by Freedom Media Canada on Monday, April 20, 2020

" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">tug of war between a Canadian dog owner and a police officer accurately portrays the state of madness mandatory dog licensing creates.

An Edmonton Police Officer, who we are sure would defend himself by saying he's "just doing his job", was caught on camera grabbing hold of a woman's German Shepherd.

"Let go of my dog!...You don't even have a warrant!...This is a service animal!...You're supposed to be on the sidewalk!" the woman pleads as the cop remained resolute he was not going to leave her home until she produced the appropriate licensing tags.

Mind you, decades ago such a scenario would never have occurred as the licensing of dogs is a relatively new revenue scheme to tax dog owners and further gain control over the lives of citizens. Citizens now have to apply for and pay a fee to get dogs licensed or suffer dog confiscation (kidnapping of animals), fines, arrest, and even jail time. What's next? Licensing gerbils?

The Edmonton officer threatened to arrest the woman if she didn't produce licensing papers for the dog. Mind you, it was the cop who broke the rules by coming onto the woman's property. There's nothing about a dog with its owner which could possibly give the police officer probable cause to even make contact with the resident.

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But he claimed the dog was loose and on public property when he approached the woman and her pet. The cop then grabbed the woman's dog. What would have happened to her had she grabbed his police K9? We can answer that for you, she would have been charged with assault.

He then threatens to steal her dog.

So, if you don't produce it (papers), then he can just come with me and you can go to the SPCA where he's going to be waiting.

The SPCA is not a government entity. It claims to be a charity dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals yet many critics say they operate more like terrorists than a charity. In 2018, an Edmonton man's 37 dogs were taken away from him by Edmonton police working with the SPCA. The so-called charity then sued the man for $187,000 claiming that was the amount necessary to adequately care for his dogs while his case made its way through the court system.

Under duress, and threats of having her dog stolen, eventually, the woman did produce papers proving what she had been saying all along: the dog was a legal service dog. We do not know the identity of the Edmonton woman nor if there were any extenuating circumstances surrounding her unwanted contact with the law.

Distrust between the public an Edmonton police goes way back. In 2015, a woman's dog was shot and killed after she and her dog apprehended a burglar and called police. When police arrived their K9 got into a fight with Jax, the woman's pitbull. The cop shot and killed her dog. She later went on to sue.

It's time the people of the world stand up and make demands of the police. We want to live in a world where we are not extorted to license our pets under the threat of kidnapping, violence, and arrest. Licensing is just another form of taxation by attaching a fee to common actions. If people want to license their pets it should be voluntary, and not a result of the whims of lawmakers. Enough is enough. There is no more need to create needless confrontation with police, who should be out there fighting crime somewhere, not extorting residents in a pay to own scheme.