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In yet another example of a complete failure of the system in its defunct and criminal "war on drugs," charges against Indiana woman, Destiny Hoffman will be dropped because she was imprisoned for 5 months for a 48-hour sentence.

Destiny was taking part in a county Drug Court Treatment Program for the victimless crime of drug use/possession. She turned in a "diluted urine sample," which is against the Drug Court's policy, and was sentenced to 48-hours in jail.

After 5 months in a cage and multiple attempts at notifying her captors, she was finally released.

According to News and Tribune, “All charges will be dismissed against Ms. Hoffman. She will have no further requirements to attend drug court or probation. Her cases are, basically, finished,” said Nathan Masingo, Hoffman’s public defender.

Masingo said he expects Hoffman will file a civil complaint that could result in Clark County taxpayers paying for the blunder that kept her behind bars from Aug. 22 to Jan. 23.

“She met with an attorney today,” Masingo said Monday. “She will be suing the [Clark] county civilly for violation of her constitutional rights.”

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Masingo explained that Hoffman had made attempts to notify authorities of her extended jail term while behind bars.

“Since her release from incarceration, I was able to speak with her,” Masingo said. “She informed that she wrote letters to Judge Jacobi as well as [a member] of the drug court staff, and she never received a response from either.”

Nothing will give Hoffman those 5 months back. In fact no retribution will be had against the state through a lawsuit either, as it will be the tax payers held liable and NOT the actual people who were responsible.

So to review, in the process of the state trying to protect Destiny Hoffman from herself, they inadvertently kidnapped and imprisoned her thereby stealing 5 months of her life. Seems legit.

The war on drugs punishes the innocent, creates criminals, and lines the pockets of the prison industrial complex, all the while stripping Americans of what little freedom is left.

Those that support it, either through ignorance or scheme, are nothing short of criminals.