Los Angeles, CA — An unidentified man was shot by LAPD Friday afternoon when he flagged them down for help.

According to police, last night around 6:35 p.m. a man standing by the side of the road attempted to flag down two officers on patrol by waving his arms—one arm wrapped in a towel—while calling out, “police, police.” Exiting his patrol car, one officer yelled to the man to “drop the gun,” although the man—who has yet to be publicly named—was unarmed. At least one of the two officers then shot the man. Judging from the video taken after the shooting, it appears the officer shot him in the head.

Without video of the actual shooting, knowing exactly what happened, and knowing whether there could be any possible justification for the shooting remains debatable. A healthy dose of suspicion is to be expected, given the reckless disregard for human life the LAPD has shown in the past.

For example, the case of Christopher Dorner, which involved LA police TWICE firing upon innocents who bore little resemblance to Dorner (two of whom were Hispanic women), but who were driving vehicles vaguely resembling Dorner’s truck. Though, actually of different makes and colors, on both occasions.

However, while people may debate what led up to Friday’s shooting, video of what happened immediately afterwards was captured and posted on Twitter by someone using the name “Manny,” who said he witnessed the officers fire three shots at the man.

The video shows the two officers rolling the motionless body over, revealing a massive head wound and large amounts of blood. In the video, neither the officers expressions nor their actions exhibited any sense of urgency or alarm. In fact, they demonstrated no sense of concern whatsoever for the dead or dying human being in front of them, as they handcuffed the totally limp, unresponsive body.

Cmdr. Andrew Smith, an LAPD department spokesman dismissed and excused the officer’s complete disregard for human life as routine and proper, saying,

“We always do that, that’s the policy … to handcuff someone in a situation like that.”

Why? Because the grievously wounded man, who by then they could see was unarmed, had not yet been “searched,” and was still considered a “suspect.”

According to Smith, there is an investigation into the shooting underway, but warned that it is in its early stages.

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