Is Vaping “Safe”? What You Should Know Before You “Light Up” Another E-Cig

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The trendy e-cig may not be all that it is cracked up to be. A new study shows that these cigarette alternatives may not be as healthy as people perceive them to be. The study illustrates how electronic cigarettes contain volatile organic compounds, acetone, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, benzopyrene as well as silicate and various metal particles. The German Cancer Research Center, Heildelberg calls the e-cigarette, “An uncontrolled experiment with Consumers.”

 Electronic cigarettes are not emission-free. E-cigarettes contain volatile organic substances, including propylene glycol, flavors and nicotine, and are emitted as mist or aerosol into indoor air. Study showed that these ultrafine liquid particles of less than 2.5 micrometer in diameter may penetrate deeply into the lungs. Study further showed that these e-cigarettes produce substantially fewer ultrafine particles than conventional cigarettes, however, the substances emitted by e-cigarettes may be inhaled by non-users when used indoor. Second-hand exposure to e-cigarette emission which may lead to adverse health effects cannot be excluded says the German Cancer Research Center, Heildelberg.

The study goes on to say that the findings revealed the following about the emissions of e-cigarette: a) besides glycol (the main ingredient), nicotine, flavors, tobacco-specific nitrosamines, volatile organic compounds, acetone, formaldehyde. acetaldehyde, benzo(a)pyrene as well as silicate and various metal particles are present, and b) the particle size is between I00 and 600 nanometers, which is comparable to the particle size found in tobacco smoke of conventional cigarettes. The levels of most harmful substances are lower in thee-cigarettes than in conventional cigarette smoke, but they do accumulate in indoor air.

From the Report,

Electronic cigarettes are novel products emerging on the market just
a couple of years ago. Consequently, there are only few scientific studies
on the health implications of using electronic cigarettes.

Based on current data, the following statements can be made:

Product characteristics

■■E-cigarettes cannot be rated as safe at the present time.

■■Consumers do not have reliable information on product quality.

■■Electronic cigarettes have various technical flaws (leaking cartridges,
accidental intake of nicotine when replacing cartridges, possibility of
unintended overdose).

■■Some manufacturers provide insufficient and partly wrong information
about their liquids.

Health effects

■■The liquids contain ingredients that on short-term use irritate airways
and may lead to allergic reactions and which may be harmful
to health when inhaled repeatedly over a prolonged period of time.

■■The aerosol of some liquids contains harmful substances (formaldehyde,
acetaldehyde, acrolein, diethylene glycol, nickel,
chromium, lead).

■■The functionality of electronic cigarettes can vary considerably (aerosol
production, nicotine delivery into aerosols).

■■Adverse health effects for third parties exposed cannot be excluded
because the use of electronic cigarettes leads to emission of fine and
ultrafine inhalable liquid particles, nicotine and cancer-causing substances
into indoor air.

Not that anyone needed a study to tell them that inhaling unknown chemical vapors is unhealthy, but it is good to know that it does produce “secondhand” harms so people can take precautions around their children and others. It should also be known that these studies used standard mass produced oils in their tests. You can actually make your own oils that do not contain these dangerous ingredients, as well as purchase organic ones.

The one thing that we can definitely count on from this study is that it will not be long before the state begins violating the property rights of business owners by mandating that they disallow e-cig smoking on their private property.

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