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Victims Speak Out After The Cops Who Raped Them Got Away Scot Free

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This past summer, NYPD detectives Eddie Martins, 39, and Richard Hall, 34, got probation after initially being charged with kidnapping, and rape of then 18-year-old teenager Anna Chambers.  Now, for the first time ever, Chambers is speaking out.

In a BBC Documentary entitled “Abused by the Police,” in graphic detail, Chambers recounts her story. The entire nearly one hour documentary starts off with Chambers relaying to the BBC exactly what happened to her while she was in custody with Martins and Hall.

Following the introduction with the graphic details of her alleged rape, Chambers then described how detectives suggested she just change her story. Instead, just as from the moment she made the claims the cops had raped her, Chambers still insists she was raped.

Chambers reflected on the encounter with Martins and Hall and stated they “acted like they’ve done this many times before.” She credits social media for getting her story out. Sadly, however, she says she now lives with being called the “Cop F*cker.”

Chambers’ case highlighted a tiny loophole with massive implications whereby people in police custody could have sex with officers without the police having committed a crime. That loophole has since been closed, thanks to Chambers’ case which drew international attention to how cops could get away with raping people they arrested.

BBC investigative reporter Ellie Flynn interviewed three American women who told their stories, some for the very first time.

“Who would believe a drunk 22-year-old girl,” one woman and police rape victim told Flynn as she uncovered the dark truths of how American cops violate women on duty. The obscure reality is abusers can get away with more crimes by having a badge and a gun, the supposed authority which demands submission.

Flynn identified a new #metoo movement on social media identified as #copstoo. The investigative journalist from across the pond revealed the cop defense playbook. Police spokespersons often find incriminating evidence about the accusers online, through their own social media, in an effort to victimize the victim for going public with their accusations a cop raped them.

The phenomena of American cops raping women and men spreads across every state in the United States except for the State of Maine, according to Bowling Green State University Professor Dr. Phil Stinson. The former cop and lawyer claims to be the only academic currently running a database of rapist cops.

For the past 14 years Dr. Stinson has been documenting police conduct cases. Two thousand two hundred cases against rapist cops have been documented by Stinson over the past 10 years. “I have to assume the problem is much much larger and many victims are absolutely terrified of reporting their crime. Who do you call if you are a victim of a sex crime,” Stinson told Flynn.

The cop turned academic stated 14-year-old girls are the most commonly victimized rape survivors who are preyed upon by predator cops.

Flynn also reported on the case of Jasmine Abuslin, interviewing her on the California streets where she first started being sex trafficked to cops at the age of 12. She started getting passed around to dozens of cops around that time and she says they weren’t just beat cops. Abuslin claims the superiors were also in on her action. She told Flynn, “it wasn’t just rookies either…It was sergeants, captains, lieutenants…like a frat house”.

We at TFTP have reported on both of these women and their cases and they’re finally speaking out with the courage to tell their truth. The documentary can be seen on DailyMotion and also on YouTube. Like, share and comment on this story and spread the word about how cops rape women, especially young women, and get away scot-free, having to serve no time at all for what you and I would be put away for.

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