Fairfield, IA — Dashcam video has just been released showing officers from the Fairfield Police Department open firing on a vehicle after a pursuit that should not have even taken place.

Fortunately, Dakota Murray, 19, and his passenger were not hit by police bullets as they were sitting in their car, stuck in a ditch. The teenagers were the victims of a cop’s mistake, who misread Murray’s license plate and attempted to stop the vehicle.

Murray, apparently scared of being pulled over by the cops because he had what appeared to be a few seeds of marijuana, tried to outrun the cops. In July, he was sentenced to two years in prison for eluding police.

This is despite the fact that the pursuit should not have taken place, according to department policy.

As seen on the video, the chase ended when Murray backed off the road and became stuck.  Officer Kathy Blumhagen and Sgt. David Wall quickly approached the vehicle and recklessly began firing. Blumhagen appears to be in a rage, screaming and cursing after trying to kill them.

“What the f**k is your problem?!” says Blumhagen as she drags the handcuffed 16-year-old female to the police car, before calling her a “dumbass.” Murray is seen limping along in handcuffs to another car.

Unsurprisingly, Fairfax police spokesman Colin Smith says there was nothing wrong with the actions of the officers. The video makes it hard to believe that these officers “feared for their lives.”

The teenagers may not realize how close they came to being added to the large list of those unnecessarily killed by trigger-happy cops.

“I can’t believe I didn’t hit him,” says Sgt. Wall.

“I know. With me, I’m honestly not surprised, because I’m not as good a shot as you are,” says Blumhagen.

“He’s lucky,” says Wall. I was like, 3 inches over him.”

Even if the cops would have killed Murray, they probably would not have faced any punishment. Shooting into moving cars after getting in their way is all too common behavior for ruthless badge-wearing gangsters.

Last year 19-year-old Samantha Ramsey was executed by a Kentucky officer while the cops were breaking up a drinking party. Ramsey was underage and, like others, was trying to drive away when Sheriff’s Deputy Tyler Brockman leaped in front and fired four shots into the windshield.

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Justin Gardner is a peaceful free-thinker with a background in the biological sciences. He is interested in bringing rationality back into the national discourse, and independent journalism as a challenge to the status quo.


  1. Running from cops is stupid. Running into a cop is even more stupid. Smoke your shit at home, kids, and don’t start cop chases. Idiots.


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