Brooklyn, NY – Moments after an unmarked NYPD car nearly drove into his mail truck, an on-duty U.S. Postal Service worker was immediately arrested for shouting at the reckless plainclothes officers. Due to the fact that the cops were caught on cell phone video arbitrarily arresting a federal employee, they may face federal violations for failing to follow procedures, including leaving a USPS truck unsecured in the middle of the street.

While delivering mail last week, Glenn Grays was driving through Crown Heights when an unmarked police car nearly hit his truck. After shouting at the plainclothes cops for almost causing an accident, Grays parked his mail truck and exited the vehicle with a package to deliver. Four plainclothes NYPD cops and a police lieutenant immediately exited the unmarked car and surrounded Grays while he was attempting to deliver the package.

Witnessing five cops arresting an on-duty mailman for no reason, a bystander began recording the incident on their cell phone. After one of the officers tells Grays that he wants to talk to the mailman’s wife, the plainclothes officers grab him by his uniform and force Grays to drop the package in his hands.

Although Grays refused to show them his identification, he does reluctantly place his arms behind his back as the officers placed him in handcuffs. Despite the fact that Grays complies with their orders, one cop repeatedly tells him to stop resisting while another officer informs Grays, “You’re going to get hurt if you don’t give me your fucking hands.”

Leaving his mail truck unsecured in the middle of the street, the officers led Grays away in handcuffs and drove him to the 71st Precinct station house. After discovering that Grays did not have a criminal record, the cops released him with a ticket for resisting arrest even though they had no legitimate reason to arrest the mailman in the first place.

“It is not against the law to voice outrage after almost being struck by a vehicle,” Brooklyn Borough President and former cop Eric Adams told reporters. “This could have been another Eric Garner situation if Glenn hadn’t responded as calmly as he did. And if they would do that to Glenn in his uniform, they would do that to any person of color in that neighborhood.”

After playing the video of Grays’ arbitrary arrest at a press conference on Tuesday, Adams also noted that the five NYPD officers could face potential federal violations for their actions.

“I believe there were federal violations. Number one, leaving that truck unsecured. Number two, interrupting the delivery of mail. There are clear NYPD procedures when you are arresting a federal employee,” Adams asserted. “We don’t know if even those basic procedures were followed.”

While the NYPD has announced they are launching an investigation into the incident, Adams stated, “We must send a strong message that innocent people should not be put in handcuffs, taken to a precinct, and then attempted to cover it up. That is unacceptable.”

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