It’s a trap!

Dunwoody, GA — Police in the US possess a unique ability to raise money for their departments. Whenever times are rough, cops can simply take to the streets, enforce arbitrary traffic violations, and, voila — revenue generated — job security reinvigorated.

While many departments will go out and attempt to catch cars driving faster than the posted speed limit to collect revenue, departments nationwide are figuring out a far easier way to trap citizens in their web of extortion — crosswalks.

As the Free Thought Project reported last year, some departments will go to extraordinary lengths to separate the citizen from their money, as was the case in Fort Lee, NJ.

In Fort Lee, a cop dressed up as Donald Duck and darted out into the intersection to trap drivers going through the crosswalk. In only one day, the Fort Lee police department raised a whopping $29,900.00.

Since this high-profile case in New Jersey, other departments, such as the Dunwoody police in Georgia have taken to this scam.

Just as jaywalking is ostensibly designed for human safety, so are crosswalks. By the logic of the state, a small yellow sign and two white lines are supposed to “protect” pedestrians as they cross busy roadways blindly.

Of course, drivers should be aware of crosswalks and pedestrians. However, in the video below, it is clear that this crosswalk is placed in a high-traffic area and is quite useless for stopping cars — which, consequently, is exactly why the Dunwoody police are using it to bolster their bottom line.

In the brief video below, the officers’ scam is exposed. They place their undercover ‘pedestrian’ at the beginning of the crosswalk, and he waits for a car to drive down the road before stepping into the crosswalk. When the cars do not stop, because it’s such a high traffic area, they are then pulled over and extorted.

The Dunwoody police department predictably claims this trap is in the interest of public safety. If they don’t pull over drivers and issue them several hundred dollars in fines, pedestrians will die.

If there was an actual safety issue at this crosswalk, issuing fines to passersby is no way of solving it. All this approach does is turn pedestrians into bait. Instead of addressing the actual problem, police turn it into a windfall of revenue.

A first grader could figure it out. If there is a safety risk, put up a stop light, a stop sign, a cross guard, a walkover bridge — anything else but two white lines and a small yellow sign. But, if they actually solved the safety issue, then they would eliminate that stream of revenue — and so we have the scene below.

Notice how the officer at the end breaks the law by failing to signal when he goes after his victim.


Posted by Official WorldStarHipHop on Sunday, February 28, 2016

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