As MSM Pushes More Divide, Thousands Across the US Join Together to Clean Their Cities

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Depending on which channel you’re watching or which website you visit, you are likely being told where to direct your anger. Even when it is imperative that we need to come together in such chaotic times, the mainstream media and politicians alike cannot help but exploit this chaos to stoke further divide. It is this divide to which they owe their very existence — for without it, they may lose control. The establishment cannot have people coming together, which is why it is setup to be polarized into two parties.

No one here is claiming that everyone in society must agree or it will be chaos. However, the two-party paradigm’s effect on the minds of people is stunning and cannot be understated. You could see these effects during the COVID-19 outbreak as people reacted differently to a pandemic based on their political affiliations. It is utter insanity.

Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute and friend of TFTP laid out the current situation in the media and government perfectly, noting: “They want you to take a side. And defend it. And get very bloody passionate about it. That’s what the game’s all about. Have you chosen your role in their play yet? Are you thoroughly pissed off like they want you to be? Hate the cops? Hate the protesters/rioters? Good. You’ve fulfilled their chosen role for you.”

While there is certainly no shortage of divide, the good news is that there are also inspiring stories from across the country of people coming together to undo the damage caused by it. Thousands of volunteers across the country of all races, ages, and political affiliations have laid their differences aside and are going out in their communities to clean up.

Protests have been reported in over 141 cities in the United States. While many of them were peaceful and saw no damage, others were not and now they are covered in spray paint, broken glass and, in some cases ashes.

In those hard hit cities, community members have come out in large groups to do what they can to undo the damage. Predictably, news of these efforts is largely absent in the mainstream media.

As Rachel Blevins points out, “incredible to see all of the community members who have taken part in cleanup efforts, which haven’t gotten nearly enough media coverage in the wake of the mass protests and violence.”

“An army of volunteers are tackling the clean up in Center City and Rittenhouse,” local journalist Christie Ileto shared on Sunday morning along with a video of cleaning efforts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. “The healing process has begun. Peaceful protests splintered off into violence and looting last night… this morning we’re seeing the best of Philly!”

“My heart is lifted as I make my way through downtown with hundreds of people helping clean up our city. This is our Grand Rapids,” another Twitter user shared from the Michigan city.

In Buffalo, New York, volunteers gathered “just minutes after the curfew ended” to begin cleaning, according to News 4 Buffalo reporter Christy Kern.

“People are already showing up to help clean up the mess from protests in downtown Buffalo overnight,” Kern said.

People have even traveled from neighboring cities who were unaffected to help others who were.

“There are still some stories of hope out here of people coming together, people from different communities. These people are not even from Scottsdale or live in Scottsdale have come here [to help clean up],” one volunteer told Arizona Family, of the efforts underway there.

In Tampa, FL, football players showed up to help clean up the damage.

Organic organization efforts are underway on social media as volunteers plan clean up brigades.

While it is likely that more protests will likely happen, leading to more rioting and destruction, the fact that people are coming together afterward to clean up their communities is a much needed boost of positivity during these most chaotic times. If you think your social media circle could use this boost of positive vibes, click the share button and help get this out there.


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