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Over the past couple of years, many videos have emerged showing parents administering cannabis oil to stop epileptic seizures in their children. This undeniable proof of medical cannabis to treat epilepsy is part of the reason why, in December 2015, the American Epilepsy Society hailed it as the greatest potential for safe, effective treatment.

A new video report from Truth in Media reveals perhaps the most striking footage to date of medical cannabis saving the lives of epileptic children. Ben Swann interviewed Jason Cranford, inventor of the Cannatol Rescue Spray, a remarkable new nasal spray that is rescuing children from potentially fatal grand mal seizures.

There’s no better proof than video, said Cranford, so the parents who’ve received his miraculous rescue spray have been recording their success.

In the video, several children are shown having ‘tonic clonic seizures,’ which are violent with long-lasting effects and can be fatal. They all have intractable epilepsy, meaning that all the existing pharmaceutical rescue meds have failed them.

Within 20 seconds of application, the Cannatol Rescue Spray stops the seizures in their tracks.

The sight is nothing short of amazing, and is yet another reminder that government prohibition of this plant is nothing short of tyrannical.

There are over a dozen…anti-epileptic drugs, and to see all of these drugs get expired and not be effective and not help the patient with a seizure…and then, we make an organic oil that is derived from a plant that’s doing the job that these pharmaceuticals can’t do. It’s a little mind-blowing to me,” said Cranford. “Because why would these pharmaceutical companies make chemical compounds and chemical cocktail mixtures that don’t even work as well as a natural plant? It’s just mind blowing to me.

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Cranford worked with a compounding pharmacist to develop the treatment, trying several different carriers to mimic the delivery efficacy of existing pharmaceutical meds, finally resulting in an organic nasal spray.

All of the families who have received the Cannatol Rescue Spray have reported “amazing results.”

It works faster than existing rescue meds with none of the side effects. Standard rescue meds can cause a catatonic state for up to 12 hours, and can also damage the liver and kidneys, whereas the Cannatol Rescue Spray has no such side effects.

The extraordinary promise of this cannabis cure is tempered by the dismal fact that it is restricted only to Colorado, due to ongoing federal prohibition of cannabis. It’s hard to imagine the anguish that parents in other states feel when they see a cure for their suffering children, but cannot get the cure because of ludicrous government prohibitions.

The good news is that other states where medical cannabis is legal – which number 25 at the moment and could go as many as 34 after Nov. 8 elections – can develop their own cannabis sprays, perhaps with help from Cranford.

The inventor is no stranger to the federal government’s own hypocrisy, noting their patent on cannabinoids as medicine.

So the government has the patent on cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuro-protectants. It’s the 6630507 patent. If the government has this patent as a neuro-protectant, why isn’t it more commonly known that this plant oil can stop seizures? It’s a huge hypocrisy.