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As states across the U.S. wake up to the reality that cannabis has no business being criminalized and is actually a valuable medicine, some places still cling to the folly of prohibition.

Georgia is one of those places, and a “drug bust” carried out by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department has provided a prime example of how cops are increasingly on the wrong side of public opinion.

Last week the sheriffs used a helicopter to scout for evil cannabis plants being grown by dangerous criminals in their county. Spending about $1,500-2,000 per hour to operate the chopper, they managed to nab one villain growing four plants.

Later that day, the sheriffs posted their accomplishment on their Facebook page, proudly standing next to the Devil’s candy that they bravely prevented from getting into the hands of county residents.

“Arrest made today for Manufacturing Marijuana. Hank Ogle was arrested for several marijuana plants in various locations. For the citizens who called about the helicopter flying we thank you for your concern. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources and the Georgia State Patrol forms a task force to help rid our community of marijuana.”

But the sheriffs did not get the fanfare they were hoping for. Residents immediately began posting hilarious comments about the absurdity of cops wasting their time and resources on hunting down weed plants.

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One particularly poignant comment summed up the real consequences of the sheriffs' actions:

“News flash, your drug operations aren’t ridding the community of anything. It’s simple economics. The only thing you guys do is make the price of drugs go up, and create more violent crime because of people needing more money. Plus it makes it better for the drug dealers who’s [sic] supply you don’t hit. You aren’t doing crap to stop the demand, you are just destroying the supply. Do cops not learn anything, ever? We learned this lesson during the prohibition of alcohol. Great job making the community more violent and dangerous.”

The comments came in so fast and furious that the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department took down the post, but not before it became a symbol of how the public has turned against the irrational war on weed.

Four states have legalized the recreational use of cannabis, with more states such as California poised to follow. 25 states have legalized the medicinal use of cannabis, recognizing that this miraculous plant offers effective treatment for a variety of ailments such as epileptic seizures, PTSD, chronic pain, Crohn’s disease, and a host of others.

Cannabis is even proving to be a viable solution to the opioid overdose epidemic currently gripping the nation. Last year, a study found that deaths from prescription opioids have plummeted in states with legal cannabis.

The Georgia sheriffs should look to their own Rep. Allen Peake, for guidance. This noble lawmaker admitted to bringing medical cannabis in from other states to heal sick children, in one of the finest displays of civil disobedience we have witnessed.