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As many of our readers are no doubt aware, Jeff Mizanskey has been serving a life sentence (without the possibility of parole) for non-violent marijuana charges since 1993.

Yesterday, in what can only be described as a hopeful return to sanity, Jeff was granted a parole release after an extensive public awareness campaign.

The recent developments in Jeff's story began when a petition his son started went 'Viral.' The movement to secure Jeff's release utilized news outlets, billboards, and social media to bring public awareness to his case. Due to this effort the petition garnered nearly 400,000 signatures.

In May, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon granted Jeff clemency and commuted his sentence to afford him the opportunity to apply for parole.

Jeff was granted a parole hearing which took place on August 6th. At the time of the hearing, it was estimated that a decision would take 6-8 weeks to be made. However in a surprising show of humanity the parole board took only 4 days to approve Jeff's request for parole.

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According to Jeff's son Chris, he will be released from prison in 10-25 days. Jeff's impending release is yet further proof that the days of cannabis prohibition are coming to an end.

The fact remains, however, that this man will still be under supervised release, 20 years after committing the 'crime' of selling a plant to a willing customer.

While being released on parole is obviously preferable to imprisonment, it does provide a demonstrable example of how long it takes to achieve meaningful change in political policies.

Public support for Cannabis legalization is at an all-time high and scientists are constantly discovering new medical applications for this life-saving plant. But still, this man will still be forcefully monitored due to arbitrary political edicts handed down from misinformed generations before us.

This case serves as yet another nightmarish example of failed policies instituted by a corrupt government hell bent on depriving citizens of their individual liberty.

The Free Thought Project would like to commend every individual that helped secure the release of Jeff Mizanskey. His story and hopefully many others like his can now have a happier ending thanks to all of you who helped bring awareness to his case and the inherently immoral nature of The War On Drugs.

Someday, future generations will look back on cannabis prohibition and ask us how we allowed such a travesty of justice to take place because our grandparents believed a lie about a plant.