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Last week we reported on a historic study that will be presented at the American Academy of Neurology in April. 10,000 neurologists from around the world will have a chance to see the remarkable effectiveness of using a cannabis extract called cannabidiol (CBD) to treat seizures.

As medical science explores this pathway and state governments continue to decriminalize medical cannabis, people across the country are already using CBD oil to ease the suffering of their children.

A video uploaded to Facebook provides a powerful look into the real-world application of this amazing medicine.

11-year-old Cyndimae is having a seizure, as she has had thousands of times since birth due to Dravet Syndrome. Her mother can be seen rubbing cannabis oil between Cyndimae’s lip and gums, as she whispers words of encouragement.

After administering the oil, Cyndimae struggles to catch her breath as the mother places an oxygen mask over her mouth. And then, as the video describes:

“A minute or two later the cannabis oil gets into her system and her seizure is under control. She begins to breathe.”

The video is both heart-wrenching and inspirational. We see the struggle that thousands of children and parents go through every day, and the miraculous treatment that can ease their suffering.

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In states where all forms of cannabis are still outlawed, such as Kansas, parents are becoming criminals so they can give this treatment to their children. Rules and regulations become inconsequential when your child’s quality of life is at stake.

With scientific evidence confirming the effectiveness of CBD oil for seizures, governments that stand in the way of this medicine are themselves the criminals.

The study mentioned above was a clinical trial performed at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the largest of its kind to date. 90 percent of patients experienced “some improvement” under the CBD oil regime, while 50 percent of patients had more than a 50 percent reduction in seizures.

Dr. Jerzy Szaflarski, principal investigator, said:

“Many patients or families report to us that the patient or their child is more attentive and more interested in their environment, which is something that is very important in addition to seizure control or improved seizure control that these patients have positive, rather than negative, cognitive effects of the treatment. The majority of the seizure medications that are on the market have some negative effects of cognition. Here, we observe something to be different.”

It is time for drug war fanatics in state legislative bodies to give up their Reefer Madness mindset and open the door to medical cannabis.

The video below exposes those who continue to arrest and cage people for this extraordinary medicine as archaic villains in a modern world.