WATCH: Cop Snaps, Threatens to Throw Handcuffed Man Off Bridge for Criticizing His Driving

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Westbrook, CT — All too often, police officers — using their badges as excuses — break the same laws they are tasked with enforcing. This is especially true when it comes to driving as everyone reading this has likely experienced a police officer blow by them with no lights on travelling down the highway. When cops are called out for their non-emergency erratic driving, all too often, they will completely snap and go into a fit of rage, using their authority to threaten the freedom and safety of those who would dare to criticize their driving.

As the following video illustrates, this is exactly what happened to a motorist in Connecticut who criticized a state trooper’s driving, only to be temporarily kidnapped, illegally searched, and threatened to be thrown off a bridge. According to the person who uploaded the video to YouTube — on the channel C.O.P -Civilian on patrol — he didn’t even know the person driving erratically was a cop.

This trooper was driving erratically and I flipped him off and threw my hand out the window (I did not realize it was a State trooper driving like that until he passed me, I was just flipping off someone I thought was driving like an asshole and putting other motorists in danger)

For flipping off a person driving erratically, the anonymous motorist was then pulled over by the trooper who proceeded to come unhinged. When the motorist told the trooper what was going on, the trooper, identified as Connecticut State Trooper Matthew Spina loses it, immediately reaches for his gun and orders him out of the car.

At no point does the trooper ask the motorist for his license, registration, or proof of insurance. This is likely because he had no justification for the detainment, didn’t realize he was being filmed, didn’t have on a body camera, and was conducting an off-the-books, illegal search, detainment, and intimidation of a man who’d dare criticize his driving.

The motorist explained that Trooper Spina’s driving was so erratic that “the guy he was following flipped him off before I did. Could it be because they felt he was driving erratically and putting other people in danger?”

As Spina continues berating the motorist, the anger and rage in his face is shocking. This “officer of the peace” appeared to be on the verge of completely losing his mind and presenting a danger to society.

“You just had to be a f**king American!” the trooper yells at the motorist, clearly stating his feeling about the citizens who pay his salary.

As the trooper continues his illegal search, he makes a telling admission to how he feels about the job.

“Un-f**kin-believable! It just never f**kin ends in this f**kin job,” Spina says as he throws down the man’s notebooks. “I got 14 months, I can’t f**kin wait to be done. This outta tell you why our department, instead of having 1,300 (troopers) has only 850 right now. This should be a clue to the public what a bunch of assholes you are!”

In just a few angry words, this cop admits that he thinks the public — who pays his salary — is a bunch of assholes. But he wasn’t done yet.

While looking for the motorists medical marijuana, which he claimed to have a card to legally possess, the trooper grabs an ashtray containing cigarette butts and cigar tobacco. He then throws it down on the ground, littering, before he stomps all over it in a fit of rage.

It was at this point Trooper Spina decided it was time to send the motorist on his way but not before threatening his life. It is hard to hear in the video because of the passing traffic, but Spina tells the motorist, “if I ever come across you again you are going over that bridge.”

“I was no more than four feet away from the edge,” the man filming said.

When the motorist laughed out of nervousness, the trooper snapped once more and doubled down on his threat to murder the man.

“You think I’m kidding? You think I’m f**king kidding?” the trooper asks. “Look at me! Do you think I’m happy with you right now? Shut your f**king mouth, mind your business and be on your way! Don’t you ever f**k with me again!”

The trooper then sends the motorist on his way.

If 2020 Was A Cop – Watch This Cop Lose His Mind

After a man criticized a cop's driving, the cop dragged him from the car, cuffed him, illegally searched him, and then threatened to kill him by throwing him off a bridge while he was handcuffed. This offer HASN'T been arrested or fired but instead he has been reassigned to a non public interfacing task within the department. This psycho should NOT have a badge!H/T: San Joaquin ValleyFull Story: https://thefreethoughtproject.com/watch-cop-snaps-threatens-to-throw-handcuffed-man-off-bridge-for-criticizing-his-driving/#PoliceThePolice #PTP #PoliceAccountability #PoliceMisconduct #PoliceAbuse #PoliceBrutality #CopWatch #CopBlock #FilmThePolice #PoliceVideo#FirstAmendmentAudit #FirstAmendmentActivity #LawEnforcement #LEO #Extortion #BluePrivilege #Checkpoint #KnowYourRights #LegalMonopoly #VictimlessCrimes #UnarmedVictim #OpenCarry#ExcessiveForce #JuryNullification #Liberty #Peace #Bootlickers #BadgedThugs #CopsInCostume #FTP

Posted by Police the Police 3.0 on Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Trooper Spina’s attitude and sentiment toward citizens is likely a common theme among his coworkers and other cops across the country. Human beings can only endure extorting their fellow citizens for victimless crimes like window tint, seat belt violations, driving a few miles over the speed limit, license plate lights, expired plates, etc., before it begins to take a toll on them.

This trooper and every other cop who enforces these laws deals with people who are under duress and highly stressed out because they are being detained and extorted. When most of your human interaction stems from robbing people on the side of the road for petty traffic “offenses” it is no wonder this trooper thinks all the public are a “bunch of assholes.”

Hopefully, this video and others like it can serve as a litmus test as to how the American way of predatory policing is affecting officers as well as the public. Hopefully, it exposes the policing for profit system we have in this country and the dark path such a system leads its citizens down. Hopefully, it will lead to that system drastically shifting focus before we are a de facto police state. Hopefully.

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