WATCH: What Riding a Bicycle While Black Looks Like in a Police State

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Orlando, FL — For fitting the description in the land of the free, police officers will claim the authority to violently pursue, harass, and initiate violence against you. Your innocence is of no consequence when it comes to police claiming you “look like a criminal.” In so many of the incidents on which TFTP reports, the majority of these cases involve innocent black men and cops have no problem laying waste to their rights.

The following story is about two black men who were assaulted with deadly weapons, forced to crawl on the ground, and nearly shot — because cops claimed they fit the description.

One of the men, who goes by the handle Riskie_e on Tik-Tok, happened to be filming with his Go-Pro camera at the time of the stop. Riske_e has a following on Tik-Tok of fans who like his bike riding videos which is why he was wearing the Go-Pro that night. Little did he know he was about to film his most viral video yet.

When the video begins, Riske and his friend were riding down the sidewalk after just purchasing some items at the 7-Eleven. As the ride closer to the police cruiser parked in front of them, the officers begin yelling at the two riders.

“Get down! Let me see your hands! Get on the ground!” the officers yell as the two innocent young men frantically attempt to comply. The entire time, the cops had guns pointed at them.

“Woah, what? What happened,” Riskie yelled. “We ain’t do nothing. … I’m saying you got your guns drawn and we ain’t do nothing.”

Cops then force the two men onto the ground before demanding Riskie’s friend crawl on the pavement toward them. During the process, a half-dozen more cops would show up before the two young men were told why they were being held at gunpoint and humiliated.

“You fit the description,” one of the cops can be heard saying in the video.

Another officer then walks up to Riskie and kicks his feet, forcing him to cross his legs while accusing the pair of robbing a couple earlier that night.

On the night they were stopped, Riskie-e was on his Haro bicycle which costs upwards of $4,000. The two young men were wearing Go-Pros, holding grocery bags, riding expensive bicycles with highly reflective gear and neon lights, dressed in expensive clothes, and rode their bicycles directly toward the police cruiser that was parked in front of them.

How many robbery suspects ride their bikes with flashing neon lights in the direction of cops after holding people up?

Despite all these context clues, the cops still accused them of robbing a couple and proceeded to assault them with deadly weapons, detain them for hours, and search them without their consent.

“I mean I would like to know what’s going on,” Riske ask the officers, who told him he and his friend “matched the description” of suspects in a criminal investigation. “I didn’t commit no crime. I just left 7-Eleven… I don’t know what description you guys are talking about but I feel violated right now. You guys got my buddy right there crawling. I’m in cuffs. I didn’t do nothing wrong.”

According to Riskie, he was eventually let go. He uploaded the body camera footage to his Tik-Tok channel which shows the officers apologizing. The officer also makes quite the admission at the end of the video when Riskie asked what “description” the officers thought he fit.

The officer tells the young man that the robbers were two black males, one in a gray or white shirt and one wearing no shirt. Riskie was wearing a long sleeve pullover at the time they were stopped.

Below is a video showing what riding your bike while black looks like in a police state.

Body camera footage:

@riskie_eYou ? what he said right ?????♬ original sound – Riskie _E

Earlier this year, TFTP reported on a similar incident in which police accused an innocent family of stealing their own car. Police were looking for a stolen motorcycle when they stopped on innocent family in an SUV.

Brittany Gilliam was parked in a nail salon parking lot over the weekend and was looking on her phone to find another one since this one was closed. As she scrolled down her phone, Gilliam and her family quickly found themselves surrounded by cops who ordered them out of the car at gunpoint.

Aurora cops accused Gilliam and all of the children in the car of stealing that car. But there had been no theft and it was police negligence that led to small children being held at gunpoint and forced to the ground.

The family was lucky to escape with their lives.

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