WATCH: Police Called to Help Mentally Ill Teen, Savagely Beat Him Instead

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Madison, WI — The Madison Police Department is reportedly conducting an internal investigation into the beating of a mentally-ill young man who was having a break from reality. The boy is a minor so his name is being withheld, however a family friend, Brandi Greyson spoke with the press about the incident.

Greyson said the school resource officer called the family to let them know the 17-year-old young boy cussed out teachers and left the premises. He took a bus home. The family agreed to allow police to transport the young man to the mental hospital and informed the boy who Greyson said was compliant with going.

But instead of a simple pickup and transport to the hospital, police gave the boy a beat down inside his own home. And, as the video shows, it was entirely unnecessary and it all started with one cop attacking him from behind.

Greyson says the boy was dressed and ready to go when police arrived. He walked over to the couch to get his cell phone and was exiting the home when the officer behind him grabbed him, threw him up against a wall and then down onto the couch, all the while shouting “stop resisting.”

The video clearly shows that the boy was not physically threatening any officers. He was simply walking across the room to pick up his cell phone when he was attacked from behind and beaten.

Soon, other Madison officers jumped in on the action, apparently not knowing the entire incident was caught on the family’s home surveillance system. Three or more officers were involved in the boy’s arrest with one large officer seen applying closed fist strikes to the boys head.

Police reports of the incident appear to show there was an altercation but read like everything was according to departmental procedure and the boy was unscathed during the incident. One of the officer received an injured thumb and a rotator cuff injury — most likely from waylaying the boy’s head so hard while swinging his arms and fists. However, the family is not at all happy with the way Madison police treated their minor son who was having a mentally ill breakdown moment.

The incident was turned over to the Professional Standards and Internal Affairs Unit of the Madison PD following the outcry from the video being posted on social media. At the time of the incident in June, the MPD spokesperson released a statement which reads in part:

MPD is aware that a video reflecting part of the incident is circulating on social media, and is releasing this information in an attempt to provide context and keep our community informed.

However, after police investigated themselves, it was announced this week that they found their actions of jumping on a non-violent teenager from behind, who posed no threat, and beating the hell out of him — was justified.

After police announced the result of their investigation, attorneys representing the teenager and his mother filed a $2.8 million claim with the city. If officials reject the claim, the attorney said they could file a lawsuit for the damages, according to NBC 15.

According to attorneys with Giesen Law Offices, they “vehemently disagree with the Madison Police Department that beating this young boy was “objectively reasonable” and will vigorously pursue all available legal remedies on his and his family’s behalf.”

The claim states the teen had physical and emotional pain and suffering and the June 3 incident aggravated pre-existing disabilities. According to the claim, the teen suffers and will likely permanently suffer form post-traumatic stress disorder. Attorneys said the mother also suffered emotional trauma and stress from the incident.

The video serves as further proof of what TFTP has contended all along. Officers are not equipped or properly trained to handle mental health issues and patients. All too often when people call police to help with a mentally ill patient, the person ends up getting beaten or shot to death. Something has to change.

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